History of SACFD

From an all volunteer fire department in 1942 to protecting approximately 76 square miles of residential, commercial, industrial, and open lands today.


Began as All Volunteer

On February 9, 1942, the South Adams County Fire Department was formed as an all volunteer fire department. The Department was an outgrowth of a local civil defense group resulting from WWII. The primary funding for the volunteers up until 1952 was through fundraising.


Formed with Mill Levy

In 1952 the South Adams County Fire District was formed with a 1/2 mill tax levy.


What We are Today

In 2013, thanks to the citizens’ faith in 5A, SACFD became a combination department of reserve firefighters, and career staff.


ISO Class 2

South Adams achieved an ISO Class 2 Fire Department


Rebranding: New Logo

South Adams County Fire Department proudly announces the launch of our new company logo. The new logo brings a modern look capturing our core values along with our skyline while integrating our established year and keeping our SACFD scramble prominent. Our department has grown significantly, and we are always evolving, and this new refreshed look reflects the ongoing development of our department. The task in the upcoming months will be to update collaterals, uniforms, engines/trucks, website, business cards, etc. with the new logo and look.


Rebranding: New Badge

Additionally, we are introducing new badges that will have a new look that is quite a change from our department’s traditional looking badge. The new badges will bare the fire maltese cross and will be banded together by pick axes signifying our pride, strength and will represent the badge of a firefighter.
South Adams County Fire Department will continue to serve with dedication, pride and excellence to our community through outstanding customer service, transparency, public health/safety, prevention, and education.


Training Center

Purchased an existing 4-acre site with 40,000 sq. of building space in Commerce City to enhance our training division.  The building will provide a source of state-of-the-art indoor training, space for personnel, quartermaster, and Information Technology.  Additionally, SCBA maintenance, reserve apparatus and fire prevention and investigation equipment and a workout facility are some of the plans.


Expansion of Fleet/Maintenance Shop

To enhance our abilities to keep up with our every growing fleet and be sure the Apparatus; Fire Engines, Trucks, Ambulances, and fleet vehicles are all in tip top shape for response.  The expansion will allow for additional bays that will handle indoor heavy equipment maintenance, office space, building maintenance shop and potential for hiring additional mechanics.


Our department responds to over 10,000 calls annually and has over 73 Firefighters and 28 Administrative staff.   We protect approximate 76 sq. miles of residential and commercial, industrial, and open lands. We contract and partner with Northglenn Ambulance to run medical calls within the district in which there are 5 ALS ambulances staffed 24/7 throughout the district.

Coming Soon!

The growth in Commerce City remains in high speed, along with increased department needs and service calls. Below are some exciting things we have planned to keep up with the growth and continue to provide excellent service to our community!
Station 21 and Station 29

Fire Calls over the Years





Area of Protection over the Years

The Fire Department protected 26 square miles up to the year 2000,
today the fire department protects approximately 76 square miles of
residential, commercial, industrial, and open lands.


0 sq. miles


0 sq. miles

SACFD Wants to Hear from You

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